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Paraments & Banner Pricing

All pricing will vary, but here are some guidelines for each item.

  • Large Banners 100” x 36” 850.00

  • Medium Banners 48” x 28” 450.00

  • Paraments & Table Coverings 275.00

  • Lectern & Pulpit Scarves 150.00

  • Clergy Stoles 175.00

  • Fabric 38.00/yd.

  • Lining Fabric 10.00/yd.

  • Travel Mileage .54/mile

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Home Interiors Pricing

Pricing for home interiors will be made available upon request

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Commissions Pricing

Pricing for commissions such as photography, painting and surface pattern design will be available upon request

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Pricing: Services
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